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What transportation services are available to and from Valletta Cruise Port?

Cruise embarkations and check-in are generally carried out at Magazino Terminal. This terminal can be found on the way to Floriana from Marsa side OR on your way to Marsa from right down Crucifix Hill in Floriana, right beside the Valletta Waterfront Police Station. However it is recommended to always check the latest information with your booking agent.

Plan to arrive and check in around the time your cruise line/travel agent recommends. The Terminal procedures do not require the passenger to be at the Terminal 2 hours before departure, but a good 15-30mins before check in time is suggested. However, do not arrive late as this can lead to starting your holiday on the wrong foot. This is to be kept in mind throughout the whole cruise experience.

Once dropped off at the terminal and upon entry you will be requested to give your name to our security guard. Only embarking passengers are allowed entry to the terminal. Well-wishers are not allowed access beyond security check point. Once inside luggage is deposited at the Luggage Drop-off Point and handled by baggage porters, which then take them to the vessel. Embarkation times are displayed inside and passengers are called once check-in starts.

Each person will be required to have photo identification and their cruise line ticket to enter the Terminal. Minor children with their parents do not need photo identification. Requirements for boarding the ship are more stringent. Please check with your cruise line for specific information on documents necessary for boarding the ship. Most lines will provide you with a ship card which is to be presented each time you embark the ship. Please remember to keep such documents in a safe place.

Have your bags tagged with your name and cabin number before heading to the terminal. Cruise embarkations and check-in are done at Magazino Terminal, where you can also drop off your bag. This terminal can be found on your way to Floriana from the Marsa side OR on your way to Marsa right after going down Crucifix Hill in Floriana, right beside the Valletta Waterfront Police Station. Porters will transport your luggage on a baggage truck to the vessel from the designated location.

In the case that your luggage is damaged you are to contact your booking agent for further guidance.

It is suggested that you drop-off/pick-up arriving passengers near to the Magazino Terminal. Please ensure that any arriving passengers are waiting for you in the area already to make pick-up (or drop-off) as quick as possible to avoid obstructing other vehicles.

Yes, this is possible but access to accompanying people is only possible in public areas such as the Valletta Waterfront promenade. Parking is available at the Atrium car park located in the central part of Valletta Waterfront, while more parking facilities are available at the MCP car park. Valletta Cruise Port offers additional parking facilities on its quays, depending on ship operations. There are also numerous food and beverage outlets at Valletta Waterfront. It is best to wait until the passengers contact you to tell you they have cleared Customs and Immigration to then arrive at the drop-off area to pick them up.

For security reasons, cruise lines do not allow visitors on board. If you want to send off your friends or family in style, it is suggested that you contact the local ship agent to arrange for a surprise in their cabin.

Various signage is provided around the vicinity of the Terminal pinpointing the direction to your particular ship. If you have any further queries do not hesitate to ask one of the hosts or hostesses at the Terminal.