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Is there parking available at the port?

Short-term luggage storage is available at the various terminals at a charge. For security reasons, this service is available only to cruise passengers. Further information is available through the main security gate on-site or via terminal@vallettacruiseport.com.

Cruise embarkations and check-in are done at Magazino Terminal, where you can also drop off your bag. This terminal can be found on your way to Floriana from the Marsa side or on your way to Marsa right after going down Crucifix Hill in Floriana, right beside the Valletta Waterfront Police Station

Yes, there is wheelchair assistance. The Terminal and other areas include facilities for physically-challenged persons including ramps and toilet facilities. Further information is available through the main security gate on-site or via info@vallettacruiseport.com.

A variety of shopping outlets are available at the Valletta Waterfront including Tax-Free shopping. A variety of local products are on offer including hand-blow glass, limestone carvings, pottery, hand-made lace, gold and silver filigree, and local foodstuffs and wines. Gifts for the ones back home are diverse including gifts for the little ones! An array of reading material is also available.

Our Tax-Free shopping facilities offer exceptional value in beverages, cigarettes, perfumes and other products by a wide range of renowned brands.

Valletta is also peppered with shops providing a variety of retail options.

For any items lost on the vessel kindly contact the Hotel Reception. For any items lost on the quay kindly contact the Terminal Operations via the main security gate or info@vallettacruiseport.com.