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Valletta Cruise Port gives back to local children's homes

Social Responsibility

Valletta Cruise Port gives back to local children's homes
Valletta Cruise Port gives back to local children's homes

Earlier this year, personnel at Valletta Cruise Port Plc raised funds and carried out voluntary work for two children’s homes – Dar Sagra Familja in Zabbar and St Rita Home in Tarxien – as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Employees renovated part of the dining room at Dar Sagra Familja to a recreational and creative corner including shelving, seating, parquet flooring and a small book library. One of the walls was painted with a colourful mural by local visual artist Raisa Busuttil on a voluntary basis. A water filtration system was also donated to the Zabbar home.

Sister Denise Vassallo, the house mother of Dar Sagra Familja said, "The dining room is the heart of the home, where children spend most of their indoor time – be it doing homework, studying or leisure activities. Raisa’s mural brought new life to the area, and fills you with a sense of warmth and belonging. Our heartfelt thanks to Valletta Cruise Port for making this project come together."

Additionally, the company helped Tarxien’s St Rita Home in redesigning the bathrooms to meet the needs of the young adults living in the residential care. The bathroom also included a washroom facility. Valletta Cruise Port Plc procured all necessary bathroom materials and finishing hardware, and partly financed the required labour works.

"We would like to thank Valletta Cruise Port for the great help you gave us to refurnish the children’s bathrooms, and for your kind donation. Thank you for your generosity. Always in our prayers," said Sister Judith Busuttil, house mother at St Rita Home.

The objective of these projects was to make a long-lasting impact on the lives of the children residing in these homes, and benefit the efforts of Valletta Cruise Port Plc’s philanthropic commitment toward local communities.

Andre’ Parnis, Head of Finance and Corporate Services at Valletta Cruise Port Plc, said in a statement, "Valletta Cruise Port and its staff are glad to make a positive impact on the lives of these young people and their caregivers. As part of our corporate social responsibility program ongoing throughout the year, Valletta Cruise Port strives to provide effective tools to help children and young people to develop to their full potential."

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