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Valletta Cruise Port teams up with Tomasina Cat Sanctuary

Social Responsibility

Valletta Cruise Port teams up with Tomasina Cat Sanctuary
Valletta Cruise Port teams up with Tomasina Cat Sanctuary

As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, Valletta Cruise Port has teamed up with Tomasina Cat Sanctuary to find a home for 8 cats which were abandoned at Valletta Waterfront in 2015. Volunteers at Tomasina have successfully caught these cats which were visited by a vet and underwent a deworming, vaccination and neutering program. The cats are now available for homing.

“It is indeed a pity that these cats were irresponsibly dumped outside at the mercy of the elements, often risking being injured or killed by passing vehicles. As the company operating one of Malta’s leading entertainment destinations, set in a historical backdrop, and a key stakeholder in the local cruise liner industry, Valletta Cruise Port’s role goes beyond that of enhancing the Valletta Waterfront experience. We feel compelled to ensure that these loveable creatures are well-looked after, and given the opportunity to find a loving home. We really appreciate the dedication and support of the team at Tomasina Cat Sanctuary particularly considering the limited resources available to them,” commented Valletta Cruise Port’s CEO Stephen Xuereb.

Tomasina Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation formed in 1990 and working in aid of stray cats. It hosts about 350 cats and is entirely dependent on fundraising, and volunteer support. Throughout the year, the Luqa sanctuary actively looks for committed volunteers who can dedicate a few hours per week in caring for the cats, and helping with general site maintenance. Financial help is also required to cover the running expenses of the sanctuary and capital costs. The general public can sponsor a cat or become a member of the sanctuary.

Donations to Tomasina Cat Sanctuary can be effected via PayPal through www.tomasinasanctuary.org.

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